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Amber Jean sheds 'good girl' image in raunchy music vid

IRISH teenage model Amber Jean Rowan has raised eyebrows after taking part in a raunchy video shoot.

The Clontarf schoolgirl (17), who was the runner up in the RTE show the Model Agent shed her 'good girl' image -- as well as most of her clothes -- when she modelled in the video for Dublin band Kopek's single Love is Dead.

The Morgan The Agency model, who shot to fame on the RTE series last year, confessed that she suffered from body image issues -- but judging by some of her recent work, she has put all of that to rest.

Scantily clad in just a pair of black panties and matching bra, the blonde catwalk queen looked more like a woman several years her senior -- rather than a young girl who won't even be sitting her Leaving Certificate for another year.

Amber Jean is seen dancing provocatively, licking her lips suggestively and grinding on the floor in the video - however it is all in the name of 'acting'.

Her model agent Rebecca Morgan has jumped to her defence, saying that her participation in the music video was just an opportunity to showcase her abilities.

"I don't think it's that racy, it's the usual kind for music videos," Ms Morgan told the Herald.

"It had more to do with acting than modelling."

Since shooting to fame on the show, Amber Jean has become one of the most in-demand young models in the country, -- carving out an impressive career here and abroad.

And her extensive experience has certainly proven to her advantage as her agent said that she wasn't intimidated by the nature of the role. "She knew in advance what was required.

"Acting is a very strong part of her career. She's involved in a number of productions and is really happy right now," she added.

Amber shot to prominence since being named runner-up on the popular model search series last April, just missing out to Carrie-Anne Burton.

She has also been booked for modelling assignments in New York, London and Mexico -- although she admits she often finds herself conflicted when it comes to balancing her schoolwork with her modelling.

The striking teen became best known for revealing her personal battle with alopecia on the programme and admitting that she has subsequently been forced to wear a wig.