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Amber can't wait to meet model mum Carrie's baby

Amber Jean Rowan of RTE's The Model Agent fame has revealed how she will visit pal Carrie Anne Burton's new baby, Max, for the first time this month.

The up and coming Dublin model told the Herald that she has not yet had a chance to visit the six-month-old tot, despite becoming close friends with the Belfast girl, who was crowned the winner of the show last year.

Carrie Anne caused shockwaves when it emerged that she was pregnant with her first baby during the final episode. The stunning model gave birth last July and is now looking forward to her catwalk career.

"I have been too busy to get up north to meet Max," said Amber Jean. "But I am on a promise for the New Year to travel up with all the little baby presents. I keep in touch with all the girls from the show, we work together around Ireland.

"Carrie Anne stays with me when we are working together in Dublin which is nice, and several of the girls also stay with me when they're in town.

"My sister is in Paris so I am putting her room to great use," she added.

Meanwhile, Amber Jean admits she would be delighted if the opportunity comes her way to take part in a second series of the reality show. However, she claims she has yet to hear from TV bosses in relation to signing up as a co-mentor, alongside Carrie Anne.

"Taking part in The Model Agent was a wonderful experience for me. I would be delighted to participate in a new series. It has opened doors for me beyond my wildest dreams. The girls I met on the show will be my friends for life," she said.