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Am I too blonde to be a politician, wonders Tiffany

GOOD news from the world of politics, as Tiffany Stanley has revealed that it's a choice of career that definitely interests her.

To show how serious she is, Tiffany conducted her own opinion poll, which involved her canvassing all her followers on Twitter, and extraordinarily enough "the response was 95pc positive", according to Tiffany.

She admitted that she has certain drawbacks: "My image would go against me," she claimed, "being blonde and curvy, people might not take me seriously."

But to dispel any suggestions that she is not intellectually up to the challenge, she reveals that she has a 2:1 honours degree.

A fact that means that I most certainly should not scoff at what might, to the untrained eye, seem like a bizarre proposition.

Because not only is Tiffany blonder and curvier than me. She's also smarter.