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All you ever wanted to know about Joe Jonas

FORMER teen sensation Joe Jonas will support Britney Spears in her Dublin concert later this month, and has spoken about his admiration for the Femme Fatale superstar.

Speaking on UTV's Daybreak show, Jonas (22) said: "It's incredible. I grew up with Britney's music, so the fact that I'm going to support her is exciting."

The singer also told TV hosts Christine Bleakley and Dan Lobb that he is loving playing in front of Britney's audiences.

"The fans that follow Britney are so amazing and passionate. To be able to travel to these cities I've been to with my brothers, now on my own . . . I'm looking forward to it."

He will open for Britney when she plays The O2 on Monday, October 24.

Meanwhile, Jonas admitted that he was nervous about Jonas Brothers fans' reactions to his new solo career, but explained that he had never planned to end up in a group with his two siblings.


"I never really planned to be in a band. When we first started it all just kind of fell together; we were in this group and then we were selling records and travelling all over the world," the former Disney star said. "And now I am doing a solo project, so I kind of just go with the flow and see how things come about."

Jonas has already released his debut solo album, FastLife, in America, yet it will not hit shelves in Europe until October 24.

The singer added: "I was interested to see how the fans would react to me as a solo artist. I was a bit nervous at first and I wanted it to be communicated that the band is still together -- we are just taking a little break. They have been very supportive, they love the new stuff."

On the group's future, he said: "We're going to probably be doing some more music at the end of this year, probably next year, it all depends how things roll out with this project."

Joe, who with his two brothers starred in the Disney Channel series Jonas -- in which they portrayed a pop band attempting to live a normal life -- has in the past, like Britney once did, made a public issue of his virginity.

Yet, in 2008, he dated country pop singer Taylor Swift. In 2009, he had a relationship with actress Camilla Belle after she starred in the band's music video for the song Lovebug. And in July of this year, he was spotted in the company of Karlie Kloss, an Oscar de la Renta model.