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Alison's new baby to join jetset as model mum vows to return to New York scene

ALISON Canavan has revealed she has no plans to give up her successful international modelling career once she becomes a mum.

The stunning Dubliner, who at 40 weeks pregnant is due to give birth to her first child any day now, is still in constant demand from her agencies abroad.

And Alison told the Herald that while a permanent move back to her adopted home in the Big Apple is on hold, she fully intends to commute back and forth once her precious newborn gets settled.

She said: "My agency knows I'm happy when I'm busy. I do miss New York. It's a different life. But I also feel it's time to move on to the next chapter.

"I'm in constant contact with my agents in New York and London. Of course if a good job came up, I would jump at the opportunity to do it.


"They are constantly kept up to date about what I'm doing. I have lots of loyal clients that I made over the years, so when jobs do come up I plan on flying over and back for them.

"I'm really looking forward to taking my baby on its first trip to New York and introducing him or her to everyone."

Alison revealed that one of the pals she is most looking forward to seeing is Roz Lipsett, who recently moved to Morgan The Agency, which also looks after Alison.

"I haven't actually talked to Roz in a while but I'm looking forward to seeing her when she is home soon."

But the 30-year-old brunette insisted that she will take some time out to bond with her baby.

And the leggy Castleknock native has no plans to follow any crazy crash diets to get her supermodel figure back.

"I'm not even thinking about the baby weight and I won't be going back to anything until I feel ready.

"I've stayed fit and healthy, so hopefully that will stand to me, but I won't be putting pressure on myself.

"I have been careful about my diet and haven't even allowed myself to take pain killers. I've just been sensible so I've been eating things like porridge and smoothies. I'm trying to eat little and often because that prevents you from dipping and also it means that I don't feel as sick now my morning sickness is back."

Meanwhile, Alison said she has no regrets about giving the public full access to her pregnancy and plans to raise the baby as a single mum.

"I've been very open and I think you need to be open with other mums.

"Pregnancy can be a really lonely time; we're thought to be strong but sometimes it is lonely."