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Alison leads quiet life after fleeing New York scene

Model Alison Canavan said it's a struggle making a living on the catwalks of the capital.

The beauty (32) quit her glamorous lifestyle in the Big Apple to return home to Castleknock last January after growing homesick.

But since then Alison admits she has been spending most of her time in London, where the modelling industry is still booming.

"I've been back living in Dublin since January, but to be honest I've been spending most of my time in the UK for work," she told the Diary.

"Things have really quietened down here. There just isn't the same amount of modelling work out there. It seems to have all dried up in Dublin, whereas in London castings are as plentiful as ever.

"I lived in London for seven years before I moved to New York and I love the city but I have no plans to move there for the moment.

"Flights are so cheap now that it's as easy to just fly over there for the day and come back that evening when I have a job on," she added.

Former party girl Alison, who is single, said that she has no interest in relaunching herself on the Dublin social scene and has been enjoying lots of quiet dinners with her girlfriends instead.

According to the 5ft 10in model: "I've been very boring since I came home, I've just been concentrating on work and haven't really been out at all.

"Quiet dinners and nights in with friends is what my social life consists of nowadays.

"There's nothing going on with the love life, all quiet."