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Alison is perfect TV role model for mums-to-be

Soon-to-be yummy mummy Alison Canavan is set to become Ireland's answer to Jools Oliver after signing up to reveal her personal pregnancy survival guide.

The gorgeous model has inked a deal to do a weekly maternity series on Ireland AM, which will see her explore everything from her own growing bump to giving top tips to fellow new mums preparing to give birth.

And it seems like the Morgan Agency model's plans to move back to New York after her child is born have been put on ice.

Alison, who is almost seven months pregnant, has not only agreed to appear regularly right up until the birth, but will also carry on after her bundle of joy arrives.

An inside source told the Diary: "It's basically going to be like her very own TV diary of her pregnancy right through to her new role as a mum.

"She'll not only be discussing how her own baby is progressing but also her views about the birth and all the things she is doing to prepare.

"It was the perfect fit for Ireland AM because Alison is already a face for Mothercare's new range. There is no timeline in place for the series; both sides will continue doing it as long as they are both happy.

"She'll be doing it right up until the birth and doing it after her baby is born as well so she's really excited about it and it's a great opportunity for her," the source added.

The beauty (32) quit her glamorous lifestyle in the Big Apple to return home to Castleknock last January.