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Alison hits town with TV star pal AJ ... but bans reality cameras

Model Alison Canavan is looking forward to hitting the tiles with her close pal AJ Celi of Married To Rock fame tonight but insists there will be no cameras on their trail.

The stunning catwalk queen is planning to show her longtime pal a good time this evening when they step out to the launch of this year's Jameson Film Festival at Tripod on Harcourt Street, but explained they have chosen to keep AJ's visit under the radar by banning the reality TV cameras.

Yummy mummy Alison was on hand to give her reality star friend a warm welcome at Dublin airport yesterday, where AJ was thrilled to meet the Castleknock beauty's five-month-old baby James Joseph for the first time. One of Hollywood's best known socialites, AJ is the VIP director of celebrity hotspot Playhouse Nightclub and has been dating The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy for two years.

Viewers of Sunday's Married To Rock series finale on E! will have seen the couple go their separate ways due to the rocker's reluctance to get married.


However it appears their split was short-lived with AJ in Europe to join her other half on his band's tour in Britain.

"She's on tour with Billy in the UK at the moment so she's going to come and visit me for a few days and then she's meeting him back in Scotland on Friday," Alison told the Diary. "She's a great friend of mine and I hadn't seen her since leaving New York so I'm very excited about our few days together.

"I do watch the show, I think it's hilarious. I saw the finale on Sunday, but I usually know what's going on in her life months before it even airs.

"She's decided not to film her visit as she's just here to see James and I, not for work. She wants a proper break so there won't be any cameras."

Alison wants to ensure her high-profile pal has a visit to remember and is in the process of organising a VIP dinner for the leggy blonde at Conrad Gallagher's new restaurant Salon Des Saveurs on Thursday night.

The Morgan the Agency model is hoping she will also be celebrating the launch of her new personal website on the night, with the site due to go live.

Ambitious Alison is planning to feature links and advice on the website for everything from breast-feeding to coping with post-natal depression, as well as images from her modelling campaigns through the years.

Alison has also begun working out with personal trainer John Lane in a bid to regain her pre-baby figure and will give updates on her progress throughout the 12-week course.

"He's designed a special course to suit women who are breastfeeding," she said.