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Alice will be heading for Ireland as cinema drops screen boycott

Irish audiences will get to enjoy the delights of Tim Burton's fantasy land after cinemas here settled the row over Alice in Wonderland.

The UCI/Odeon Cinemas performed a last-minute U-turn on its decision to boycott the 3D film and announced that the fantasy adventure would be hitting its screens here.

The cinema operator had clashed with Disney after the studio announced it wanted to issue a DVD version of the film just three months after its release on the big screen. Traditionally studios wait 17 weeks before issuing DVDs of films.

Odeon had condemned the move and vowed not to show the blockbuster at any of its 834 screens but changed its mind last night. "I'm just glad it's resolved. We made it 3D to be shown in the 3D screens and so I'm just very happy and grateful," said director Tim Burton.

Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and other stars of Tim Burton's fantasy braved pouring rain to attend the movie's London premiere last night.

The stars were joined by director Burton, Anne Hathaway and hundreds of screaming fans who turned up for the event in central London's Leicester Square despite a steady downpour.

The movie -- inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic children's tale -- tells the story of the heroine's return to the world down the rabbit hole at the age of 19.

Burton said the movie's 3D effects enhance the fantastic, surreal world it describes.

"3D and Alice seem to fit," Burton told Sky News.

"There's something about the trippiness of the Alice world that helps bring you into that 3D space."