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Alannah's return to the modelling world just 'a favour for a friend'

ALANNAH McGurk has made her much awaited return to the modelling world -- but it's only a once-off.

The brainy brunette (22), who is studying law, participated in her first photo call this week since leaving her agency Rogue Model Management last month to focus on her studies.

Although the beauty went into 'retirement' last month, she stepped back into the spotlight to launch Whizzer Teeth Whitening Strips earlier this week.

But the leggy brunette won't be storming the catwalk again anytime soon -- she only did the photo call to help promote her close friend Claire Sweeney's latest business venture.


The budding legal eagle was tipped to be the next big thing in the modelling world when pictures of her first shoot emerged showcasing her natural beauty, but her career came to a halt when she decided to resign from the industry earlier this year.

After the pictures surfaced, speculation was rife that Alannah was back with a bang -- however she just made the move out to help out a school pal.

"She generally doesn't do photo calls, she's done a lot of runway because she's so tall -- but this was a favour for me," Claire told the Herald.

"It was very nice of her and she is the best, best friend I could ask for.

"Karena [Graham] is a mate of mine as well -- we all know each other from school, we all went to Alexandra College together."

The Enniskerry native set up her business, Distinct Distribution, after finishing college and admitted it was great to have high-profile friends to call upon.

"When you're basically running the business by yourself, it's nice to call on such good friends," she added.

Alannah made the transition from college to the catwalk in October of last year after being scouted on a shopping trip.


The daughter of Miriam O'Callaghan and Tom McGurk is no stranger to the spotlight with her parents both recognised as two of the best known broadcasters in the country.

And she followed the road not taken by her famous mother when she stormed into the modelling world.

When she was unveiled by Rogue last October, the RTE star said: "Modelling is something that's also in the family, so she has clearly inherited that gene. Her aunt and my late sister, Anne, was quite a well known model.

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no harm in it. I had offers to model myself but I chose not to do it because I was quite self-conscious as a teen," Miriam added.