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Aisling plans six months off to bond with baby

TV3 presenter Aisling O'Loughlin will be taking at least six months off the from Xpose to spend time with her new baby, the Diary can reveal.

The Co Clare native, who is expecting a baby boy in December, said: "I'm definitely taking maternity leave.

"I want to spend time with the child, that's really important time. I'll see how far I actually can do practically speaking but I'd like ultimately to take six months off.

"It's a very precious time and I'll probably need six months time to recover anyway. I want to get to know him and I want to spend time with him so that's my plan but nothing is ever set in stone."

And even though Aisling (32) is missing from the latest promo pictures of the Xpose team, announcing that Kelloggs cereal is their new sponsor, the presenter said she was just out of the country during the shoot and is definitely still a part of the team.

"TV3 have been brilliant they have really been totally supportive all the way.

"I missed out on the shoot because I was in London at the time. We're always on the go, there's always one of us missing," she said.

Aisling says she is definitely staying put on the entertainment show for now.

"My plan is going well so far, but you can't take anything for granted. It depends how I'm feeling and fingers crossed everything goes well. But, God willing, I'll keep going until the end of November at least.

"I love that I can still get up in the morning and have work to go to and it's a great job too. I get to meet interesting people all the time and I'm really going to miss it," she said.

"The recession has really done wonders for my attitude, not that I had a bad attitude before but I think I just look at things differently now. I appreciate my job and I appreciate being busy," she added.

But as Aisling enters the last stage of her pregnancy she has been advised to cut out the flying trips she takes so often for celebrity interviews. The presenter says she won't be doing more trips abroad for the show.

"I did a trip there recently to London to meet Colin Firth and Gary Oldman at the premiere of Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy but I'd say that was probably my last trip abroad," she said.

Despite planning to take it easy for the next few months, new mum Sarah McGovern has already gone back to work just four weeks after giving birth to her son Jude.

Aisling says the model is an inspiration to all expectant mums.

"I couldn't believe Sarah McGovern in her underwear shoot on Xpose last night just a few weeks after giving birth. She looked extraordinary, it looked like she had a six pack," she joked.