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Aisling moves to country for family life with Nick

TV3 star Aisling O'Loughlin has moved in with partner Nick MacInnes.

The Xpose presenter had said that cohabiting wasn't the lifestyle for her but has had a change of heart.

The Diary can reveal that the Xpose presenter has moved out of her city apartment and set up home with the father of her child, in a country house in Wicklow.

The pair decided to take the leap over the weekend and are unpacking their things as they start their new life together, with baby Patrick.

Speaking to the Diary Aisling said she has fallen in love with her new home.


"Myself and Nick have just moved in together. We moved just three days ago to this gorgeous house in Wicklow, we are really in the most idyllic part of the county, there are horses, cows and sheep outside our window, I really love it.

"It's a great place to raise a child and that is important, you have to think about that. I love it out here already, I want to just lock myself away here. And Nick has two sons who will be coming over at the weekends so it's just perfect."

Aisling added that neither of them had sold their apartments but had decided to rent while they raised their new family together.

"I moved out of my apartment which I had bought myself, Nick owned his own apartment too and we didn't know what to do, but we are just renting our places now. It's shocking how bad it is to move. I just have so much stuff. We both are used to living on our own and we just have so much stuff."

Meanwhile, Aisling revealed she hadn't set foot in the TV3 studios since giving birth. The Clare native admitted that she wasn't ready to walk back into the Ballymount studios just yet as she didn't feel glamorous enough. "I haven't popped in at all yet, I'm far too much of a mess to look at," she said.

"I'm holding off for a while until I think I'm ready. I have been watching the show at home but I make sure to prepare myself before I watch it. Because it really does look like the girls are having so much fun, but I know how much hard work it really is."

Although Aisling isn't living the high life right now, interviewing celebrities and travelling all around the world, the TV host says she feels just as busy being a new mother.

"Life on Xpose is crazy busy but I must say I'm really busy in my life, there is just so much to do, I'm constantly doing something and it takes a lot longer to leave the house now," she joked.

"But I'm really having a good time," she admitted.