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Aisling leaves modelling to mum as she takes a break to focus on study

SHE had been following in her model mum's footsteps, but now Aisling Quinn is taking a step back from the catwalk.

The daughter of Irish soccer legend Niall Quinn has chosen to take a break from the catwalk to focus on her studies.

"She has decided to take six months break to just concentrate on her studies so she's not modelling for now," Aisling's mum Gillian told the Diary.

"She is extremely busy at the moment and then she will see what happens after that."

Proving that brains and beauty can go hand in hand, Aisling (18) scored an impressive 490 points in her Leaving Cert last year.

There is a bright future ahead for the youngster who took part in her first catwalk show at the age of 14.

While Aisling is taking a step back, her glamorous mum is stepping forward into the limelight after moving from First Options to AR models last year.

Keen horse rider Gillian is also looking forward to getting back on the horse, telling the Diary she recently went back training after a long absence due to injuries.

"I haven't competed in the last two years and I broke my arm before Christmas so I hadn't ridden in eight weeks. I went back training a few days ago but there is nothing fixed in terms of when I will compete again.

"I am going to the Dublin Horse Show in the summer, it doesn't do dressage but I always go as a spectator," she added.

Gillian is hoping to get in enough practice to be able to compete in top venues for dressage competitions in Leinster -- Spruce Lodge and Marlton Stud in Wicklow next summer.

"It's just about being able to compete and then qualifying for the finals. My beautiful stallion has also been injured so we have just been unlucky," said Gillian.

Gillian, who is also mum to son Michael, is still getting plenty of modelling work, although it is not her only interest these days.

"I have joined Andrea Roche's agency and I judge every job on an individual basis so I am kept busy," she said.

And her recent injuries did not affect her modelling credentials, says Gillian.

"I don't really notice any effects with modelling, I just take a few painkillers and get on with it."

Aisling, who is very close to both her parents, recently told how her mum was giving her plenty of advice when it came to strutting her stuff on the catwalk.

"I would have worked with mum on a few photo calls as well so I was able to see what she was doing and she helped me to work my angles," she said.