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After Siva's success, Hazel plots a return

Hazel KaneswarAn hasn't ruled out having another crack at the charts.

Just weeks after her brother Siva's band The Wanted scored a UK No 1, gorgeous Hazel has revealed she is in the midst of planning her comeback.

But the one-time Girls Aloud contender (33), from Blanchardstown, told the Diary she would only be writing songs for other artists for the moment and would only record her own new album when her children were old enough.

"I'm trying to get myself back out to work now.

"I'm writing loads. I have a huge back catalogue of songs since I was in Dove so it's a matter now of putting it all together. I'd like to do it for other people because as much as I love singing and I love performing, eventually I'll do it down the road, but right now with four small children and the logistics of doing the school runs and things, my priority is being a mam first.

"I'd prefer to be with them as much as I can."

The super-svelte singer credits her four boys, aged two to eight, for keeping her in tip-top shape.

"They keep me trim. Every night I go out with them, we go running up hills and into playgrounds," she said.

"I eat well and I do martial arts with my husband.

"We're a very active household."