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After 13 years, Karena is swapping her high heels for trainers in LA

Karena Graham is ready to wave goodbye to modelling and wants to land in LA armed with a string of other accomplishments when she makes the move.

The 27-year-old is planning to pack her bags and set up camp in Hollywood this summer. After 13 years posing for the cameras, the blonde revealed to the Diary that she wants to swap her high heels for trainers full time.

Plus, the Dublin-based beauty is taking on a course to become a qualified pilates instructor before arriving in sunny California.

"I've had an offer to learn how to teach, so to get a job in pilates when I land in LA would be ideal because working in that arena is what I really want to do," she said.

Unlike many of her fellow catwalk queens who are pursuing careers in film, Karena wants to traipse down the route of health and fitness long-term.

"It's a weird one, but I'm obsessed with fitness, and California is the ideal place to work in that area," she said.

"I've been visiting LA for years and it's just very me, it's casual and chilled and I can wear my gym gear all day if I want to."

Karena, who is signed to the books of Andrea Roche's agency, said that she feels she's nearly ready to give up modelling – even though it pays the bills.

"It's a great job and I'll do it as long as I can here, but over in the US I want to focus on different things and I do want to get away from it in a sense," she said.

"I definitely can't complain, though – I've been very lucky that I've been given so much work and I'm even really busy at the moment too which is just amazing."

Karena will fly to Los Angeles next week for a month-long visit, but it will be more business than pleasure.

"I have a load of meetings set up with people because so far I've mostly been chatting to them over email and I want get to know them properly – it's a lot easier to be there on the ground and it's more professional I think too," she said.


"It's sort of a trip to touch base with everyone I've been in contact with already, but also to check-in with agencies. Fashion is certainly an area I want to get into, so it helps when you have a modelling background."

After living more than a decade of her life not knowing what jobs are coming next, the Karena said her irregular routine is something she's come to love and wants to maintain when she's in Tinsletown. "I kind of like that aspect of the business and I do want to keep that because I like the variation of everything and it's great if you don't like a strict routine," she said.