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Admit it, ladies, we all have a girl crush or two

While I was delighted to read recently that Dannii Minogue was pregnant with her hot, rugby player boyfriend Kris Smith, I have to confess that I was also devastated.

What was I going to do at weekends later this year, considering the back end of 2009 had been dedicated entirely to admiring Dannii's hair, Dannii's dresses, Dannii's jewellery and, well, basically, Dannii, whenever she appeared on X Factor.

Like hundreds of thousands of other women in Ireland and Britain, by the time last winter arrived, I'd developed a full-on girl crush on Dannii Minogue and now, maternity will shortly be robbing fashion of one of its icons, and me of my weekend thrills, even if just on a temporary basis.

As in real life, famous women can be broken up into two distinct groups... Men's women who would either be great drinking buddies or have more, er, obviously admirable qualities (or both!). Names like Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz or Kelly Brooke spring to mind.

Otherwise, you're a girl's girl -- the ones we love to love but who blokes 'don't really get', like Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Winslet. I'd like to create an official subsection of the 'girls' girls' camp though, to include a distinctive group who are the women I'm obsessed with. The ones I have a complete and utter girl crush on.

I obviously don't need to prefix this by saying a girl crush isn't necessarily something sexual. It's far more superficial than that. Complete adoration and admiration for a women's style; her fashion sense, her dedication to fitness regime and diet, her perfect skin, her allure and her professional success. Bundle that into one glorious, sassy, articulate woman and my knees turn weak.

It doesn't matter that she might have a battalion of stylists, nutritionists, personal trainers, hair dressers, make-up artists and PR spinnies at her constant beck and call, each working flat-out to create their goddess, the end result is akin to the duck over water -- all effortless serenity and cool confidence.

These are the women whom other women peep above their computers at work to discuss in fine detail as they forward on web links or pass around celebrity magazines; the ones whose hairstyles are torn out and copied and whose fashion choices are emulated. But more than that, these women fascinate us, and resistance is futile.

So, besides Dannii Minogue, who do I currently have a crush on? Well, Dita Von Teese for starters. She's no spring chicken, yet works hard on her regime, and with such discipline. I know she swims every day, has had a boob job and trains her teeny waist with corsets to look as good as she does in those stunning Moschino outfits.

Her wedding to Marilyn Manson at Gurteen Castle, Co Tipperary in 2005 was the ultimate Gothic escapade, right down to the black and scarlet Waterford Crystal goblets. Who cares that the marriage didn't last, the pictures will be around forever.

I've been a big fan of Nicole Richie's since she's got her act together. First she ditched her bullying food fascist stylist, then she harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit and created a jewellery range and, while she was at it, created a family.

While Nicole's always had fashion flair, it's the simple, couture-hippy choices (kaftans, head bands and quirky gladiator sandals) that first got my heart fluttering.

She has a great ability to reinvent herself (a concept I love -- who wants to be the same forever?), and my Christmas Day was complete this year when I saw her appear with newly dyed raven hair and the coolest vintage Chanel sunglasses. She shines far brighter than her former wing-woman Paris Hilton (a man's woman?) and makes my pulse race.

Others that make me weak at the knees include Gwen Stefani (wow, did you see the bikini pics of her on the beach recently?), artist Sam Taylor Wood (stellar career, twice battled and survived cancer and is now being rewarded with a toyboy fiance, a directorial debut hit with the film Nowhere Man and, at 42, a baby on the way) and British indie-chick broadcaster Fearne Cotton (nice girl, great clothes, just quirky enough, went out with Channel Four's Steve Jones... when I come back to earth, can I come back as her?).

Closer to home, Grainne Seoige has the most immaculate skin and perfect hair. I could spend hours gazing at her and willing for a facial transplant.

I'm sure half the people who tune into The All Ireland Talent Show only do so to see what she's wearing and how she's wearing it. Ditto the Sunday Indo beauty guru, and my great friend Triona McCarthy. She's a sexy, purring Dita-lite with her 1940s' style and her milky white skin.

Irish model and actress Alison Doody has long been admired by women who'd kill for her poise, good taste and good looks. Actually, judging by my straw poll, she's one of the few famous females who's got it all, and ticks the boxes as a man's woman and a girl's girl. Her appearance on last September's Late Late Show still features in many water cooler confabs.

In fact, it was Alison who, in an interview with me for IMAGE magazine, pointed out that women do indeed dress for other women. And isn't it a great thing that we do. At least we know it'll be noticed, appreciated and, if we're in the premier league and crush-worthy, copied.

Because everyone loves to be admired.

Melanie Morris is editor of IMAGE Magazine