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Action... get set for invasion of dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are due to invade the Irish countryside and the streets of Dublin, with the news that hit TV show Primeval will be filmed here.

The series has a budget of €15m and will create up to 70 jobs.

The show uses spectacular special effects to bring creatures from the past back to life, which are tracked down by a team of five scientists.

The science-fiction drama, which was first aired on ITV in 2007, has expanded to an international audience and will now be set in the Irish countryside.

The British-made show is the brainchild of 'Walking with . . .' creators Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines and has had success on both side of the Atlantic, with special effects and gripping plotlines impressing critics.

Hodges has said that he is excited to see the show located in Ireland, with the urban scenes to be shot in the capital.

"We're shooting the new series in Ireland, which on the production side helps us with tax breaks, but also gives us a lot of new locations to work with.

"We already know that Dublin will enable us to keep the modern, urban look of the show intact," he said.

After three successful seasons, it was announced in June of this year that production of the series would be discontinued but a deal was struck last week to rescue the show which now looks to benefit the Irish film industry.

The bloodthirsty futuristic beasts are modelled on ferocious dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as using dinosaurs known to have roamed the earth in the past.

The show will feature the return of stars from the previous series, including S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts and Jason Flemyng, alongside the award-winning special effects team at Framestore CFC.