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A quick change of plans... and Amy's bridesmaids all looked blooming great

NEW bride Amy Huberman had to completely replan her bridesmaids' dresses after learning that two of her bridal party had fallen pregnant.

The Herald can reveal how the actress first began planning the stunning gowns for her four best friends, Noleen Morris, Joanne Hegarty, Lynne McNabola and Olivia Morgan, immediately after Christmas.

And while Amy (31) had initially toyed with the idea of having similar dresses for all four, designer Fiona Heaney, of FeeG designs, admits that it would have been impossible, given that they were dealing with such varying shapes and sizes.

"I was commissioned at the beginning of February and at that stage Amy would have just found out that one friend was pregnant and the other was a couple of months gone," she told the Herald.

"We decided that it would make more sense to make four different dresses for the four girls to cover their different shapes, rather than four similar which she had initially considered.


"I had to design the dress with their growing bodyshapes in mind and I think the two girls who are pregnant looked gorgeous, they were absolutely blooming. One actually texted me on the day to thank me for doing such a good job.

"Amy wanted them to be feminine and pretty, while being individual but in harmony with one another and with her own dress," she added.

The blushing bride bought her own fairytale gown, which was designed by Stephanie Allin off the peg from Dublin boutique Myrtle Ivory.

Designer Fiona said Amy "was absolutely lovely to work with".

She said: "There was no stress. She's quite fun and quite girly and I think that kind of came through in the dresses and in the colour that she chose.

"They're all made out of the same materials, silk chiffon and silk fabric and all to the knee.

"They decided to wear them with a pair of pearl-colour peep toe shoes," she added.

Some of Fiona's other creations were also snapped up by some of the celebrity wedding guests to wear at the ceremony yesterday while other VIPs wanted gowns made for the celebrations at the exclusive Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim.