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A new Dawn for TV star... now renamed O'Porter

Marriage is all about compromise, they say -- and journalist and TV presenter Dawn Porter has done just that when it comes to her married name.

Dawn (33) has announced she is combining her maiden name with husband Chris O'Dowd's surname, and will henceforth be known as Dawn O'Porter.

The couple exchanged vows in August in a three-day ceremony that was dubbed Wedfest.

Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll were among the celebrity guests.

But rather than changing her surname fully, Dawn now wants to be known as Dawn O'Porter in a bid to maintain her individuality and public identity.

"I have taken the 'O'," the leggy brunette said. "I am lucky that I have the option to keep Porter prominent and take a tiny letter that, for me, expresses the unity with my husband that I am proud of."

The TV presenter defended her decision to keep her maiden name.

"I am often asked why my surname is so important to me," she said.

"My name and I have been through so much together. I have spent most of my adult life trying to get people to remember it, to watch my shows, to read my work, to see my name and think, 'Oh, it's that girl, her name is Dawn Porter'. Rather than just being 'the girl from that thing I watched last night'.

But Dawn admitted that her family were less than impressed with her new name. "Members of my family think this is ridiculous," Dawn said.

"But me and Chris don't care. My husband, is fine for me not to be called Mrs O'Dowd."


Dawn was in Dublin last month to help promote Chris's latest film, The Sapphires, and she surprised women everywhere when she admitted that she hadn't fancied Chris in US blockbuster Bridesmaids.

"I didn't fancy Chris in Bridesmaids, I'm not into that sort of squeaky-clean, romantic comedy thing," she said.

"I fancy the drunk Irish man who stinks of fags. I think that's a lot sexier, which is exactly what he is in this film."

Since the wedding, Chris has been rushed off his feet filming Moone Boy. Dawn said that they are a badly organised couple but thinks their honeymoon will take place this Christmas.

"It's the only time Chris can get off," she revealed.

"I don't know where we're going yet. As a couple we're completely unorganised. Everything is last minute."