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A hectic week as I tried to juggle my son's first birthday with live TV

Between my son's first birthday and the Garda Commissioner resigning while we were live on air, I've had a hectic few days.

I have been on the early shifts with Ireland AM on TV3 all week, which means getting up at 5am.

I usually finish in the early afternoon when I am on those shifts, which is great because it means I can collect my son James (2) from creche and spend time with him.

The early hours are a killer but it suits having two small children because my younger son Euan is minded by my mum.

It is handy to have them both close, but doesn't leave much time for a nap.


The biggest event in my week at home was probably that Euan turned one on Tuesday, meaning that I have no babies left at home. You feel like they are growing up so fast that you need to press pause sometimes.

But at the same time, it's good because it means that we have managed and that it has all gone smoothly enough, thankfully.

We kept his birthday very low key on Tuesday, not that Euan knows the difference. We are going to have a little party for him tomorrow, but it is probably more of an occasion for us than him.

The week started off on a calm note and we had designer Louise Kennedy in the studio on Monday talking about her new collection and the upcoming VIP and Irish Film and Television Awards.

I was a little bit in awe of her because she is one of Ireland's best designers and there is something regal about her.

Tuesday started off as usual, but when Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan resigned in the middle our show, things really kicked off and it was definitely the most dramatic event of the week for us.

Something like that turns a show like ours upside down because the scheduled running order goes out the window and we had to scramble to get commentators on and to make sure that we had addressed it well for the viewers.

You might be panicking underneath it all, but you keep smiling. Something like that keeps you on your toes and it's great to show your versatility and that you can get involved in current affairs issues.

Anton Savage was covering for Mark Cagney this week. Anton usually does the hard news during the early part of the show so we managed to get him on a cooking segment, which was good craic.