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1D spurn fans' dreams by turning down Jedward's TV show

IRISH fans of chart-topping band One Direction have been dealt a blow after the group turned down a slot on an RTE show.

The Diary can reveal how makers of Jedward's Dream Factory have been inundated with requests from the group's Irish supporters, who have been clamouring to meet them.

However, their young supporters were dealt a significant blow after the busy band said they were unable to appear on the programme.

"RTE had over 2,500 requests from fans hoping that Jedward would make their dream come true and bring One Direction on the show," said an insider.

"It was by far the most popular request that they have had for the new series of the show.

"But a spokes-person for the band got back to the producers to say they would be unable to appear on the programme as they were just too busy and it wasn't feasible."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that One Direction are set to star in a 3D film to promote their hit album Up All Night.

"It's early days but it's something that their management and label are excited about. It may be documentary footage mixed with a concert film, or it could even be a comedy caper in the style of old Monkees films," a source said.