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1D fans give seal of approval to Sarah-Louise

AMERICAN model Emma Ostilly has been hit with hate mail for being linked to 1D's Harry Styles, but for Irish photographer Sarah-Louise Colivet, there's been nothing but praise.

Hardcore 1D fans have been congratulating the Kildare native since revelations that she and 18-year-old heartthrob Harry enjoyed a brief romance while the chart-toppers were in New York last month.

"She thinks he's too young, awww I hope she makes him happy," a 1D admirer noted on a social networking site.

"FINALLY Harry might have found a decent looking girl ... not that I'm really okay with him finding someone but she's pretty!"

One follower admitted to being "very jealous" of 24-year-old Sarah-Louise, while another said on Twitter: "Sarah-Louise Colivet is actually gorgeous ... I'm not surprised Harry would like her."

In addition, a fan even warned Harry to let the brunette beauty down gently, after pictures of the X Factor graduate and Victoria's Secret girl Emma in New Zealand surfaced over the weekend.

"No offence Harry Styles, but if there are [rumours] going round about [you] going with Sarah-Louise Colivet then deny them before kissing a model!"

Facebook pages such as 'Anti Emma Ostilly' and 'I Hate Emma Ostilly' have been set up to criticise the blonde teenager and she has even been forced to cancel her Twitter account. Meanwhile, Sarah-Louise has not received any hostile comments on her profile page.

Cheeky Harry is not the first famous person she has been with -- a source revealed to the Herald that she previously hooked up with a well-known rugby player.