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Apprentice Jane happy to be back at family firm

IRISH hopeful Jane McEvoy saw her Apprentice dream come to an abrupt end last night as she became the latest contestant to be fired by Alan Sugar, who told her she hadn't done "anything remarkable" on the tasks.

Jane's team, Sterling, lost to Phoenix in a challenge that saw contestants buy and sell second-hand furniture.

The 28-year-old said she was happy to go home. "It was crap getting fired, but it's only the beginning," she said.

"I actually didn't watch it last night. I knew the outcome so I didn't need to see it again. It's not something you want to watch a second time."

She admitted that her confidence was knocked when she heard the opinions of Sugar, his aides Karren Brady and Nick Hewer, and the other contestants, but she hadn't let it get to her.

"Things that you don't like to hear said about you are said, but if you took everything to heart you'd never get out of bed in the morning," she said.

She was fired after being summoned to the boardroom with Laura Hogg and Gabrielle Omar.

Sugar told the trio he was not impressed after they so overloaded their shop with furniture it "looked like a tip" and revealed Jane had the worst sales figures, only pulling in just £10.

McEvoy said she enjoyed her time in the house with the other contestants; the experience made her feel as if she were back at school.

"It was really weird because I've had my own house since I was 22 and there were six of us living together in the room. It was like boarding school.

"We used to stay up late at night when we weren't supposed to. We got on really well."

The mother of one admitted she was homesick while filming in the UK and was looking forward to getting home to son Harry (3) and husband Gary (32).

"At the beginning I was focused on winning, but then I got to the stage where I wanted to go home. It was really tough.

"I would have felt worse if I'd gone all the way to the end and hidden in the back-ground. I'd prefer to go out early and have put myself forward.

"It's a pity, but it's not the end of the world."

Going home also meant that McEvoy could get back to the family business that she runs with her husband. McEvoy Family Foods produces soups and garlic bread for SuperValu.