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Aoife swaps photoshoots for pilates full time

SHE'S been in the business for more than 14 years and now model Aoife Cogan has hung up her high heels for good.

The former Miss Ireland and wife of rugby player Gordon D'Arcy has finally bowed out of the fashion industry and said goodbye to being one of the country's most in-demand catwalk queens.

Assets girl Aoife's focus is on building her and husband Gordon's Form School Pilates studio, and the tall blonde said that she's happy she left modelling on her own terms.

"I was very aware that it wasn't going to go on forever, nor did I want it to," she said.

"I'd achieved everything I'd wanted to achieve; I was getting older and I wanted to go out on my own terms.

"For me, it's really important to keep being challenged. Opening Form School gave me a fresh challenge and a new beginning - it is so amazing to be in control of my own life now," she said.

The happy couple, who wed in 2012 at Castle Leslie in Co Monaghan, opened the studio on Dublin's Grattan Street last November.

Aoife insisted that there were no worries about being married and working together in close proximity every day.


"A lot of people had warned us off it, but it's brilliant," she said. "We talk about it a lot. It's something that we share together.

"It's really nice that I can come home from work and sit down and tell my husband about my day and he knows exactly what I mean, as opposed to talking about modelling or rugby - we're really lucky."

With the business taking up the majority of their time, Aoife said there are no current plans to start a family.

"Babies are such a blessing and, hopefully, they are in our future - at the moment Form School is taking all our time."

Embarking on a career in modelling for the past 14 years, Aoife knows that looking good is important.

"When I was modelling I used to tone up without bulking," she said.

"I hated gyms, I was never able to go, which obviously wasn't fantastic considering the business I was in and needing to stay in shape.

"I had to find something to keep toned and healthy looking that I enjoyed, then I discovered Reformer Pilates and I was hooked," she said, speaking to VIP magazine.

Even though she's a veteran of the modelling world, Aoife said she was "thrown into it".

"I struggled at the start because I was so shy, probably a strange career path for me. Then I became Miss Ireland and people wanted to know who my boyfriend was, and that didn't sit well with me.

"I made a decision that I would keep my personal life out of the media; it wasn't just when I met Gordon that I decided I wasn't going to talk about my personal life."