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Anna pitches for her own tv show

SHE'S an integral part of the Ireland AM team, but TV3 host Anna Daly has admitted she'd love her own TV show.

The mother-of-two has been pitching format ideas to the powers-that-be at the commercial station and told the Herald she's hoping she'll get to bring them to life in the not-too-distant future.

The former model, who lives in Wicklow with her husband Ben Ward and their sons, is behind Ireland AM's Breakfast With interview segment.

"I would like to look at other opportunities down the line within TV3 and develop things, because it's often the case that you have a great interview that's 25 minutes long but you can only put out 10 minutes of it on our show, so it can be restrictive," she said.

"It would be nice to do something at a more relaxed pace.

"A weekend show could mix things up, although I'm not sure about the cost of putting on weekend shows. That could be trickier for crews and stuff, but there's nothing to be announced for me at this stage."


TV3 will launch their autumn schedule line-up this afternoon.

"They have a lot to say about programming down the line and further investment; there's never been as much money in the pot for home-grown stuff, so that's exciting."

Anna insisted that she will not be moving from her current position just yet.

"I am staying with the Ireland AM team and absolutely happy out with that."

Speaking about TV3's incoming competitor UTV Ireland, Anna said she and her colleagues will welcome some healthy rivalry.

"I think it mixes it up - competition is good for the industry, for the viewer and even for me," she said.

"It makes us up our game as hosts; we have to concentrate on our positive story instead of looking over our shoulders at others."

An ambassador for Temple Street Children's Hospital, Anna turned out at the Dundrum Town Centre yesterday to join forces with Pharmaton and help raise money for its patients.