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‘Andrea gave me the cold shoulder’ - 90210 heartthrob

Us actor Jason Priestley has revealed that he once flew to Ireland in a failed attempt to woo singing sensation Andrea Corr.

Famous for his role in hit American sitcom Beverly Hills 90210, Priestley opened up about life in the celebrity world in his new memoir, including a fling he claims he had with the Irish singer.

The 44-year-old described how he had a short-lived encounter with The Corrs front woman after a meeting State-side in 1999.

A year later, he flew to Ireland with the hope of impressing the raven-haired beauty, but was left sorely disappointed when she gave him the cold shoulder.

In his book, the married father-of-two, said he had a very friendly encounter’ with Andrea, the lead singer of the Corrs, at the World Music Awards in 1999.

He said he was then invited to the Irish Fashion Awards in 2000 by actor John Hurt and the chance of seeing Andrea again made it an easy decision.

He said: I thought why not?’ What really tipped the balance was the chance to see Andrea Corr again, from the Corrs ... We’d had a very friendly encounter the previous year at the World Music Awards and I knew she’d be at these awards.’


He added: I wanted to see her again, so I grabbed an overnight bag and flew to Dublin, checked into U2’s hotel, The Clarence, and headed to the awards ceremony.’

However, things did not go to plan for the star when he approached the singer during an intermission.

I spotted Andrea standing at the bar and made a beeline for her, saying: Hey, how are you?’ Priestley explained in his book.

She looked me up and down and then said in a chilly tone I didn’t know you were going to be here’ and then looked back down into her drink.’

Admitting he was taken aback’ with her response, Priestley added: I wonder what I did to elicit that kind of response? Oh well.’

Now a devoted mother of two, Dundalk native Andrea gave birth to her second child with husband Brett Desmond in January and celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this month.