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Amanda Byram: 'I didn't want to talk about my new beau until now'


Julian Okines & Amanda Byram

Julian Okines & Amanda Byram

Julian Okines & Amanda Byram

Presenter turned fitness guru Amanda Byram only recently introduced her boyfriend of more than a year to the world but says she wasn't keeping him a secret.

The Castleknock native is dating Londoner Julian Okines but had remained tight-lipped about their relationship until she appeared on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago.

"People keep saying: 'Why did you keep him a secret?' and I'm like, 'well, I haven't'. It's just been subtle, I just haven't talked about it. I don't like to splash it all over the place," she told the Diary.

The pair have attended a number of high-profile events together over the past few weeks and are often spotted on the social scene in London, but Amanda admits she prefers to go to events on her own.

"I do go to a lot of things by myself and I don't want to always drag him to stuff. But he loves being in Ireland," she said.

Julian isn't the shy type as the TV producer used to be a model.

"He's fine with it. He was a model forever so he's used to the cameras. He takes it all in stride, but we are a little uncomfortable with the togetherness," she admitted.

"We were asked would we like to come and do a double interview at the IFTAs and we just said 'No'."


Amanda (41) has reinvented herself as a fitness guru over the past few years and revealed she will be launching her own range of fitness essentials.

"There's loads of things coming up. I'm actually going to LA in a couple of weeks but I'm really focused on ByramBod at the minute," she said.

"It's a brand that's just exploding and taking on a life of its own.

"It's been amazing and I've got a fitness clothing range as well as supplements and things like that coming out in a couple of months - it's kicking off," she added.

She also said that the response to her new website, amandabyram.com, "has been incredible" and said she has received hundreds of emails from female fans asking her advice.

"It has been very inspiring to be honest because when I started this I was doing it for me and I didn't really think anybody really cared what I had to say about it," she said.

"I've been getting letters and emails from girls and while I'm not qualified, I can impart a little advice about body issues that I had growing up."