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Alan admits to being 'hurt' after TV3 toy show snub being snubbed for toy show










Presenter Alan Hughes has expressed his disappointment at not being chosen to present this year's toy show on TV3.

"Of course it's disappointing and it's hurtful, especially as last year's show was so successful," he told the Herald.

Last year, Alan fronted a 30-minute toy show from Tattersalls Winter Wonderland which aired an hour and a half before the 2013 Late Late Toy Show. The show was a huge success with over 350,000 viewers.

"The show was so successful last year, even the repeat had over 400,000 viewers and it was the biggest home-produced show last year," Alan said.

"The only show that beat us in the ratings was Coronation Street or something like that and we were looking to go bigger and better with it this year so it is disappointing not to have been chosen," he continued.

However, Alan revealed that while TV3 wanted him for the role, it was the sponsor that wanted a fresh face.

"The thing is that the Christmas Toy Show are sponsoring it and when they came in, they said they wanted to choose the musical act and the presenter," he explained.


"The producer Victoria O'Brien wanted me to do it, but the sponsor didn't."

"It's disappointing because I've been building it up over the years.

"It's something we've done every year on Ireland AM, and it was me who suggested doing the earlier show before the Late Late, but that's showbiz as they say."

It is thought that the new presenter who is thought to be a well-known celebrity will be announced next week. Approximately 1,000 children have sent in requests to be toy testers on the night and applications for the show close on Monday October 20.

This year's TV3 toy show will coincide with the opening of the Christmas Toy Show at the RDS which is running from November 22 to 30.

TV3 are planning a one and a half broadcast at the child friendly time of 8pm on November 21 in the hopes of gaining viewers on Ryan Tubridy's Late Late Toy Show.