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A night out can finish too early

IT was my birthday on Tuesday and I had a ball celebrating it.

My husband Paul and I went out for a gorgeous dinner with some relatives down in Wicklow and it was low-key and perfect.

My agent and friend Noel Kelly (inset, right) came and surprised me too.

We were home at 9.30pm, which was extremely civilised, and part of me was thinking, 'This is far too early', so we headed back out and finished up the night with a glass of vino with my sister-in-law. That was the icing on the cake because it ended up being a late one.

Even though it was fun and worth it, it made for a difficult day's work the next day due to exhaustion.


Life is going great at the moment and I'm happy out entering my mid-forties.

For my birthday treat, I got myself a pair of shoes on sale - I love a bargain.

The kids made me flowers, Paul got me flowers and they all presented me with a chocolate cake.

We're making the most of time off and tucking into that this weekend together. We love birthdays in our house and it was nice for the children too - they were hyped about it.