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A good look at what works best on your precious peepers

LANCOME Absolue Yeux Precious Cells Global Multi-Restorative Eye Concentrate


That's a lot of name for a little 15ml bottle of eye cream, but it lives up to its moniker. This tightened and brightened on contact, giving me new eyes in less than two seconds. Only thing I'll say is that it dries a little stickily. One tiny dot does both eyes, so if yours watered at the price, I reckon that this would last the guts of six months 
at least.

MATIS Réponse Yeux: Reviving Cream

€49.74 HHHHI

I kept forgetting that I had this, which sounds awful, but every time I remembered to use it, I was wonderfully surprised. This tightens on contact, and feels terrific, as reviving as it says. I need to switch this to daytime use, though, as I don't want reinvigoration before bedtime.

ESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye, Serum Infusion


I was underwhelmed by this - I think 
mainly because I was expecting a serum, 
and got a cream instead. A fluid cream, it has to be said, so maybe that's the 'infusion' part. It felt fine on contact, but absorbed that bit too dryly.

FREEZE 24-7 Eyecing 
Fatigue-Fighting Eye Cream


For an eye cream this is an excessive amount of box and jar, for 12mls of eye stuff. Not do I like the fact that this is a tub, which means a lot of double dipping. Ick.

NIP+FAB Viper Venom Anti-Aging 
Eye Fix

€13.97 HIIII

The viper venom is a synthetic composition SYN-AKE which is claimed to be as good as Botox. Not so much here, it isn't. The metal-roller applicator is as cooling as it ever is, but I didn't feel any appreciable tightening, not on contact, nor over time.

ANIAN Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Dark Rings Eye Contour Cream

€23.99 HHHII

Oddly, this is a great mid-day pick-you-up. I use it over whatever I've already got on my face, which I normally wouldn't recommend, but it seems to sink in on contact, and feels really good. Handbag hero potential here.

The fine skin around the eye area needs 
special care. I wish I knew what Mila Kunis uses, she is defo the Gorgeous Peepers Queen of Hollywood…