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a diamond heist that just fails to sparkle

With names such as Bruce Willis, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Ryan Phillippe on board, an action thriller such as Set Up should be, well, set up.

Instead it bombed and went straight to the video-store shelf.

Sometimes that's a bit harsh. Here, it's harsh on anyone who rents this out.

50 Cent (giving 10pc here) stars as Sonny, one of a trio of thieves plotting a diamond heist.

But once the job is pulled off, sidekick Vincent (Phillippe) bumps off their partner in crime Dave (Brett Granstaff) and takes down Sonny, too.


Vowing revenge, he sets off on a mission to track down Vincent -- and it's a yawn a minute rather than a thrilling ride.

Along the way he crosses paths with Mr Big (Willis) and his nasty sidekick, played by Randy Couture in a bid to get their muscle and know-how to achieve his aims.

The script, it has to be said, ain't the smartest, with Sonny tracking down Vincent's associates and warning him that he's out to get his double-crossing former partner.


Hell, why not just shoot them -- and surprise old Vinny? Giving him clues that you've survived being riddled with bullets and a bit peed off doesn't seem like the smartest move.

Throw in a cardboard hottie (Jenna Dewan as Mia) and some stupid scenes (a mobster blowing his own head off -- is that a nod to Brucie's Pulp Fiction?) and you get a very silly movie indeed.

50 Cent hasn't the charisma for a lead, Phillippe is just okay, while it's sad to see how far Willis has come from leading man to bit-part status. Avoid.

DVD EXTRAS: Audio commentary from writer/director Mike Gunther and stunt coordinator Kyle Woods. Two making-of featurettes, one about guns. Really.