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50 Cent event pulled over autism jibes

50 CENT has been dumped from a Dublin photocall after mocking special needs children. The rapper was due in the capital today to launch his new set of headphones.

But Carphone Warehouse has decided "not to go ahead with the event" after the Get Rich or Die Tryin singer made crude remarks about autism. The comments were described as "seriously ignorant" today.

The millionaire star caused uproar on the internet when he responded to jibes from a fan on his social networking site by saying "yeah, just saw your picture fool you look autistic".

He added: "I don't want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else."

Today actress Tara Leniston criticised the star as she revealed publicly for the first time that her young son has autism: "His comments seriously pissed me off -- it was just ignorance really."

The star apologised but his appearance at Carphone Warehouse in the Dundrum Town Centre has been cancelled. He was due to meet with 500 fans who had purchased his new SMS range of headphones.