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3 for the weekend

Trimbach riesling cuvée frédéric emile 2004, alsace, €35, good independents. Yes this is expensive, but it's cheap for fine wine as whites rarely get much better than this. It offers the sublime seminal citrus-scented Riesling experience with plenty of mineral character and great length.

  • tingleup riesling 2009, western australia, €10.99, Tesco. One of the best value wines on Tesco's shelves as it's a cracker made by highly regarded and expensively priced Howard Park. The name says it all -- space-dust-like tongue-tinglingly fresh and crisp.

  • mineralstein riesling 2008, germany, €10.49, M&S. Regulation-obsessed Germans will be outraged by this inventive, rule-bending blend of Mosel and Rhine wines put together by M&S that has just enough sweetness to remind you of biting a grape. Perfect with that Friday sweet-and-sour-pork take out.