Enrique's up for a fight with Downing

LIVERPOOL'S Jose Enrique has said he is prepared to battle it out with Stewart Downing for the left-back position at Anfield.

Stewart Downing played the full 90 minutes in the left-back position against Hearts during the second leg of the Reds' Europa League play-off at Anfield after the manager spoke of his intention to employ the winger in a deeper role.

But Enrique (below) insists he isn't fazed by the added competition for his position.

"It's a good thing because before (Downing played left-back) there was just myself and Jack Robinson," explained the No.3. "With the way we intend to play, that is with the right-back and left-back attacking, Stewart can fit in well," he said.

"He's a good lad and I'm happy for him.

"We have many, many games this year and so it's good to have competition for places."

After a mixed season at Liverpool last year, the Spaniard is hoping to become an Anfield stalwart like Jamie Carragher in the coming years.

"I want to play here for as many years as I can and play as many games -- I hope to be like Carra but that would be really difficult," he added.


"I want to stay here because it's an amazing club and a big club and every player dreams of being here. I also want to win as many titles as I can.

"I've played in English football for five years and it's amazing to play here.

"But I'm still learning. At teams like Liverpool you learn quickly; in one year here I have learned a lot and with this manager I have learned plenty too.

"The manager gives us simple instructions. He says more things during the week than he does in his pre-match team talks. He has tried to instruct and improve every player and I think this is a good thing because everyone is still learning. I still make mistakes, so I have to learn.

"The manager wants me to make more assists and score more goals and play more like a forward. He has told Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly to do the same and Stewart Downing in the left-back role. He wants us all to play like wing-backs.

"I really like to play like this."