Enough of those dodgy blokes, Jessie... this ain't Albert Square

It's stuff worthy of one of the naffer EastEnders scripts ... Take one weatherbeaten actress (I use the term loosely), add a bit of 'history' (bad men, bad drugs, bad life choices) and clean the lot up ... then sit back as history repeats itself, again and again.

Life has imitated art once more for actress Jessie Wallace -- a woman who appears incapable of leading an uncomplicated life. Her exploits have been lived out in the tatty red-tops for over a decade now, as we learned of the unsavoury men, the indulgences and the ups and downs (mostly downs) that both have brought to her life. This time, Jessie -- aka Walford's finest fishwife, Kat Moon -- has dumped her current beau (another term I use loosely) Vince Morse with just hours to go before they were due to wed, because he's been sexting his ex. So in true EastEnders style, Jessie has thrown a wobbly, gone bananas and decided she'd keep up the pretence of the wedding, but then dramatically dump Vince at the altar. This was the wedding she'd already banned her mother and sisters from. Classy.

And if that was going down in drama-filled Walford, that's exactly what her alter-ego Kat Moon would've done. In fact, in real life, Jessie was too 'heartbroken' to follow through and just called the whole thing off. She then gave one of Morse's pals an earful when he came around to Jessie's house to try to intervene.


Do you know, in this case I don't exactly blame Jessie. If my fiance did something like that to me, I might want do the same ... and no doubt he'd feel similar ... although falling out with your family before the big day is inexcusable. But, in Jessie Wallace's case, it's a mix of boy (or girl) crying wolf, and what do you expect from a pig but a grunt.

Ms Wallace seems to be queen of the tantrums, she seems to hitch her already wobbly wagon to unsuitable, unsavoury men and then want to marry them and/or have children with them.

Jessie, we all know bad boys are tantalising, but they're not life partners. Especially when you barely know them, which is what was happening here -- she got engaged in April after a 'whirlwind romance'.

You're meant to play with bad boys, Jessie, and then return them to the pound. To think you're going to live the happy ever after with someone who doesn't obviously respect and adore you is only putting yourself up to be let down.

Over the years, Jessie has reportedly 'cleaned up her act' countless times. She's given up the booze, the disreputable men and the drama, got herself fit and into a healthy headspace, but then fallen back. I'd say she's devastated right now.

Maybe this time she'll finally take stock and remove herself, and her young daughter Tallulah Lilac (I know) away from a life of infidelities, broken promises and broken dreams.

It's time for a clean start Jessie. Have some grace and dignity and keep your conflicts behind closed doors. The real world doesn't have to resemble Albert Square, and you don't have to be the sort of fodder reserved for Jeremy Kyle.

Get over this one Jessie, and move on ... with dignity.