English hen party strips off at Kinsale racecourse

Alice Hodgson

SOME would brand it a race alright- a race to the bottom.

An English hen party filmed themselves clearing the penultimate jump at the Kinsale Point-to-Point racecourse. Only problem was they were topless.

The four women stripped to their smalls before taking on the challenging course on the cold and wet.

Then they posted it on YouTube.

Clambering to the head of the fence, the self-styled 'Kinsale Mare Maidens' held hands and squealed as they launched themselves over the other side. It was a muddy landing for the girls, who wore just knickers and wellies for the stunt.

However, there was an unprecedented tie in the best-dressed stakes - as the girls bolted, two of the mares were left behind, one sporting a pair of Jubilee pants and another with a chunky silver necklace, bringing a touch of class to the occasion.


Before embarking on their topless race, the girls had reportedly enquired about the criteria for the "Best Dressed Lady" competition, however, the co-organisers of the competition, Mary Egan and Patricia Tyson, were doubtful that the girls would make the grade.

Under the current rules, Mary explained that the Kinsale Mare Maiden's probably wouldn't qualify for the competition.

However, Patricia jokingly suggested a "best-undressed ladies competition" for the next season, but said, "It would probably increase the number of people attending the event.

"We could have a special category for them."

Fortunately the girls, who are believed to be in their twenties, didn't pick Sunday afternoon, which is traditionally family day.

The gag occurred on Saturday evening when the fences were being moved for the races the next day - it is thought to be the first time that female streakers have graced the Point-to-Point racecourse.

When the English cameraman asked the last straggler, Louise, how the jump was for her, she laughed and said, "It was so much fun!"

There's no doubt the locals in Kinsale were more than amused at the surprise event.