Emmerdale girl Verity wants a Fair City role

Lorna Nolan

A former star of hit soap Emmerdale says she'd love to spice things up on Fair City.

Verity Rushworth, who played Donna Windsor in the Yorkshire Dales soap, said a role in Carrigstown would be a dream come true.

Verity will be in Dublin next month to star with Jason Donovan in The Sound Of Music.

She has loads of friends in Ireland and a role on the RTE soap would suit her to the ground.

Speaking to the Herald, she explained how she's heard nothing, but good things about the acting scene in Dublin and admits a stint in front of the cameras here has always been on her wish-list.

"I'd just love it if I got to do a show like that. I've heard Dublin's just fabulous," Verity told the Herald.

"If they are looking for a young girl to come and stir up some drama on the show, then I'm just the person for them.

"I'd be more than happy for them to give me a call. I have lots of friends in Ireland, one of my best friends comes from Bangor, so it's somewhere I've always wanted to come and work," she added.


Verity would be following a well-worn trail if she were to join Fair City -- current star Bryan Murray, who plays scheming Bob Charles, played evil Trevor Jordache in Brookside, while Corrie star Keith Duffy has dropped into Carrigstown now and again.

Verity went on to explain how she's looking forward to checking out the nightlife when she touches down in Dublin ahead of her opening performance at the Docklands theatre, which takes place on April 5.

The down-to-earth actress will perform alongside former Neighbour's star Donovan, who plays Captain Von Trapp in the musical.