Emma bares all for lent

NATURAL: Model gets boost by giving up make-up

Vicky Taylor

TOP model Emma Waldron has revealed how she found giving up make-up for Lent a real struggle.

But the AR beauty says her decision to go bare-faced a few days every week has given her an extra boost of confidence.

The former Miss Ireland vowed to put down the make-up brush and go au naturel.

Celbridge girl Emma admitted that she never realised the dependence she had on cosmetics before taking on the challenge.

"There was a week when I have had really bad breakouts on my skin and I was tempted to break it or when I was having an insecure day and the thought of wearing no make-up in public was tough," said the 22-year-old.

In fact, the model was surprised by people's reactions.


"Most people didn't even notice that I was wearing no make-up," she said.

"It made me realise how I often used make-up as a barrier to hide my own insecurities."

Although Holly Carpenter now holds the crown for Miss Ireland, Emma says she still feels the pressure of looking good in the public eye.

"Before winning Miss Ireland I rarely wore a lot of make-up, fake tan or fake eyelashes but when you are in the public eye you're conscious of looking good as pictures that are taken of you resurface constantly."

Last month the chatty blonde took to her social networking site to announce her latest task.

"I've decided for Lent to wear no make-up at least four days a week... It might not sound like anything but when you're in an industry where you're expected to look 'perfect' all the time it is... so I'm going to try to rebel against this concept and to empower women to feel good in their own skin (and not have to rely on cosmetic companies)."

Emma also divulged that the support she had received from other girls had been overwhelming and had helped her stick with her mission.

"I never dreamed I would get such a great response to wearing no make-up.

"Other girls have begun sending me make-up free pictures of themselves.

"To be honest, my skin has really improved since I have stopped wearing so much make-up... it has also made me realise that the amount I used to wear every day wasn't always necessary."

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