Election Briefs: Kenny can still do TV debate

Enda Kenny can still change his mind about tonight's leaders' debate. TV3 bosses say political editor Ursula Halligan will chair the debate instead of Vincent Browne if the Fine Gael leader changes his mind.

Green Party leader John Gormley has offered to take Mr Kenny's place. TV3 has passed on the offer.

"The consensus was everything was going fine, economically, politically. That was the problem and, as I said earlier, we didn't stand up to that consensus, including myself." -- Micheal Martin, whose party has been in Government for 13 and a half years.

ABOUT 15,000 people will be entitled to vote by virtue of getting Irish citizenship since the last election.


If you're not on the electoral register but want to vote, you'd better act fast.

Today is the last day to get onto the electoral register. Visit checktheregister.ie to find out if you're registered.