Election Briefs: Ferris daughter isn't standing

SINN Fein has ruled out running Toireasa Ferris in Kerry South, insisting they will not contest a seat in the constituency.

The party had considered running Ms Ferris, who was a former mayor of Kerry. She was considered a strong candidate after she polled highly in the European parliament elections.

However, Sinn Fein will instead concentrate on Kerry North/West Limerick where Ms Ferris' father, Martin, is seeking re-election.

Fianna Fail hit by emails row

FIANNA Fail will have until today to respond to communications from the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) which is investigating complaints that the party sent unsolicited emails to a number of people.

Four people complained to the watchdog after they received personalised emails in the name of newly elected party leader Micheal Martin outlining his plans for the election.

Web prize for poll forecasts

A NON-PROFIT website that claims to accurately predict results in the General Election is offering users the chance to win prizes.

People who log on to the website and submit their prediction could be awarded prizes for the correct results for each of the 166 seats as well as predicting the regional results of Connacht-Ulster, Munster, Leinster or Dublin.

Fullhouse.whitebox.ie is completely apolitical and non-profit.

Candidates put in job hotseat

ELECTION candidates are being challenged to do a mock job interview online for their prospective employers -- the voter.

Trinity College politics student, Daniel Philbin Bowman, a son of RTE broadcaster John Bowman, says his site can cut through the buzzwords and breaks it down to simple facts.

"Between now and election day, we have the chance to interview all of the candidates. We need to seize that chance."