Editorial: Violent horse market must be moved

THE horrific scenes in Smithfield Market in the centre of Dublin yesterday should never be repeated. A savage Traveller feud saw innocent people injured by gunfire and slashhooks.

It is a miracle there was no loss of life when live rounds were fired causing a stampede of thousands of terrified people and horses.

It's painful to think of the terror of children and parents, separated from each other during the mayhem.

It is not the first time the horse market has seen violent attacks, but it is the first in which guns were used. Previously there have been serious concerns voiced about animal welfare at the horse market.

Regardless of the fair's traditional market rights, yesterday proved there is no place for it in the centre of a 21st century city. Extinguishing those rights, and moving the fair out of the city centre, should be an immediate priority for the incoming Minister for Justice.