Editorial: Taoiseach must tell Lowry to go

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is under intense public scrutiny over his handling of the Moriarty Tribunal's findings.

He needs to be strong in his dealings with disgraced TD Michael Lowry and stop any ambiguity.

It is not enough to say that the Tipperary North TD has to answer the findings against him in the Tribunal report "forensically and willingly".

It is not enough to listen patiently while Mr Lowry makes a lengthy speech to the Dail insisting he had not engaged in any wrongdoing.

The Government, and particularly Mr Kenny, must be seen to take far more strident action and take it quickly.

Taoiseach, the rest of the country is as anxious as you are to move on from shady dealings and suspicion -- but this requires that you take a firm stance and call for Mr Lowry's resignation.

We cannot leave all of this behind until you do so.