Editorial: Ryan's fans left waiting for answers

TENS of thousands of viewers will last night have tuned in to a much-anticipated documentary about one of this country's most fascinating and intelligent broadcasters ever.

Gerry Ryan was a unique talent and it is unlikely that we will ever feel such a connection to someone on our radio again.

When it emerged that his use of cocaine was a factor in his death, we wanted to know why someone who had so much still to give could fall victim to such a scourge.

His legion of fans wanted some clear insight into Gerry's demons, demons that haunted him until the day he died.

What RTE dished up, however, was a sort of fudged 'Reeling In The Ryan Years', woefully inadequate for what his public expected and deserved.

A weak offering that dealt with no unanswered questions and paid pale lip service to the agonies that were the much-loved broadcaster's final undoing.

An opportunity lost.