Editorial: Maternity plans must benefit all

Rotunda Hospital

THE massive shake-up of maternity services in the capital is to be welcomed.

For too long mums-to-be have been dealing with cramped facilities, some of them dating back to Victorian times.

However, it is worrying that the northside's only maternity hospital, the Rotunda, is set to be moved out of the city.

While, it will surely benefit new mums in west Dublin - and those living along the M50 - residents of the north inner city and suburbs will have that bit further to travel.

While some are describing the move as an "appalling decision", others say the plan will bring "huge benefits" to mothers and babies.

The plans aren't likely to come to fruition until at least 2020. This at least gives time for the plans to be fully considered.

New mums and babies need the best care they can get, wherever they live in the city.

Please stay safe in the sun

WITH high temperatures and sunny climes come very obvious dangers, which yesterday's tragic events in Co Cork have brought into sharp focus.

Each summer, thousands of sun-seekers make their way to the coast or inland lakes, rivers and streams to cool down as mercury levels rise.

Every year, without fail, there are several tragic incidents involving people who are out spending their time relaxing at the seaside.

Last year, 114 people drowned in Ireland - 55 of these were accidents. Six children and six teenagers were among the victims.

This year is no different, and already - with more good weather still to come this week - a family is dealing with the horrific loss of loved ones in Baltimore.

The full facts of the tragic drownings are still to emerge, but it is important that each one of us exercises water safety at all times.