Editorial: Kick this one to touch now Minister...

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan has his heart in the right place but his battle to make rugby matches free to view on Irish channels is more than a little misguided.

Of course we all want to see the matches for free, but it's just not that simple.

Television rights and sponsorship have brought rugby to the great place it is in at the moment. The sport could not have developed to current levels without the money raised by selling the right to air matches to the highest bidder.

The Minister's idea was well intended if not well thought out, and there is no need for the personalised attack from rugby bosses.

In fact, the attack has backfired by galvanising considerable political support for the embattled Minister from both his own party and from Fianna Fail -- even if the Sports Minister will not give her opinion.

A nice thought, Minister, but just not practical.