Editorial: Children's hospital cannot be delayed any more

New children's hospital

It is reassuring to hear that there are no delays to the National Children’s Hospital project, despite fears of potential hold-ups over fire safety applications for works on the site.

This paper today reveals details of communications between Dublin’s chief fire officer and City Council bosses, in which the former asked for more resources to process the applications, in light of staffing shortages.

The Council says that “alternative arrangements” have been made to tackle the shortage.

We trust that’s the case and that this issue – or any other – won’t delay a project that has already been subjected to repeated hold-ups.

Even without any delays it will be 2019 before the new hospital, at the St James’ Hospital site, opens.

It should be borne in mind, of course, that this facility was originally set to open in 2011.

At this stage the project needs to proceed at full steam ahead.

What Irish summer?

Gales, rain and grey skies? Must be the Irish summer.

July is set to end as a damp squib, with unsettled weather, including thunder showers, today and tomorrow.

While we’re promised a midweek respite, the unsettled conditions are set to return on Friday, just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

It’s enough to make you reach for your paper or laptop to scope out the last-minute sun deals.

Those of us at home, facing into August with an umbrella in our hand, can take some solace though.

Donegal postman and amateur forecaster Michael Gallagher recently stated that we’re in for a scorching August.

Let’s hope the weather delivers on his predictions – otherwise it will have been a wash-out summer.