Eat yourself? That's drastic

Rosanna Davison

II am delighted to hear that Rosanna Davison is branching out and, having completed a degree in nutritional science, will be putting her knowledge to good use by publishing her first cookbook.

The only minor quibble I would have is the name of the book - Eat Yourself Beautiful - which suggests that a regular diet of asparagus spears, broccoli and kale will result in you ending up looking like Rosanna Davison. When, of course, it won't.

Unless, of course, there is simply a typo in the book's title, which is in fact called Eat Yourself, Beautiful.

Because that name surely points towards the most straightforward, albeit drastic advice, on how to stay thin.

FFM104 DJs Jim Jim and Nobby were suspended from their show last week for breaking an embargo on the announcement of Ed Sheeran's forthcoming concert in Croke Park.

The only thing more cringe-inducing than this attempt to be controversial was the station's press release on the subject.

"Due to the edgy nature of the show, Jim Jim and Nobby teased the news prior to the agreed time and left listeners in little doubt as to who was going to be announced," it said.

The very fact that the show's bosses use the word "edgy" to describe their Neanderthal offerings suggests that, idiotic though the presenters may well be, FM104 is their rightful home.