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'Some girls have gauze sewn to their mouth so it makes eating solid food difficult' - Lisa shocked by dramas at Miss Universe finals


Lisa Madden

Lisa Madden

Lisa Madden

Beauty pageant queen Lisa Madden has spoken out about the backstage drama at the Miss Universe contest.

Madden, who represented Ireland in this year's pageant, was shocked to discovered the lengths to which some models would go to ensure they remained slim and svelte for the contest.

"Some girls have gauze sewn to the palette of their mouth so it would make eating solid food difficult so they could only have soups, juices or soft fruit," she said.

The Cork model admitted some models are under "ferocious pressure from home".

The third year dentistry student also discussed online bullying and how she had been mocked for her "uni-brow".

"You just have to try and get on with it and understand not everyone will like what I'm doing. It definitely does make me stronger," she told Cork's Red FM. "I would take things to heart but my mum always told me you just have to have confidence in yourself and know that you're a good person."