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Pippa's back from New York in time to make TV style debut


Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor has gone from model to stylist - and she's set to make her debut on Ireland AM this week.

While she is still signed to AR Models, Pippa has been moving away from modelling recently by developing her website, pippa.ie, and working on her Fashion Factory days out.

"I'm on Ireland Am tomorrow morning showing Valentine's lingerie from M&S, so I pulled the looks for that," she said.

"I'll have something for everyone. It's my first styling job for them so I'm looking forward to that and delighted to be asked."

While she's busy at home, the blonde beauty jetted to New York to meet with brand executives to work on her collaboration with a beauty company.

"For the past year I've been working with Blank Canvas cosmetics on a really exciting project - I hate saying 'project' as it sounds so blase and I wish I could say what exactly it is we're bringing out but I'm sworn to secrecy," she said.

"It will be launched early this summer and I couldn't be more proud of it - I've been really hands on with every detail.


"Seeing our ideas go from paper last year to it being in my hand last Thursday for the first time was just incredible," she added.

Pippa's sister Susannah accompanied her on the New York trip during which Pippa did a photoshoot in a snow-covered Central Park.

"New York was for finalising everything. We had a photoshoot last Friday, which was great fun - even though we did some of it in Central Park in the freezing cold it was brilliant and I loved every minute," she gushed.

"My sister has two young boys and the last time we were away together was probably 10 years ago so it was a real treat that she got to come with me.

"We stayed in Trump, Soho. I absolutely love Soho, it's my favourite area of the city.

"I found it so relaxing and laid back - I absolutely loved it. Our hotel room looked out over the Hudson River. It was a breathtaking view," she added.

After a few days away, Pippa was delighted to be back with her son Ollie and her hubbie Brian Ormond.

"I'm delighted to be home to my two boys now, I really missed Ollie," she admitted.

"When he saw me this morning he laughed and squealed, quickly followed by a cry.

"I think he got a bit overwhelmed, it was so cute."