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New music on the way this year from Snow Patrol


Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol are set to release a new album this year, drummer Johnny Quinn has confirmed.

It's been three years since they released Fallen Empires and fans can now look forward to a new album before Christmas.

"We are about to start work on our album in March and we should have it out in October - that is the plan," he revealed.

"This is definitely going happen, we will have an album out for this year for sure, but it will be towards October, November latest."

Johnny has also been working with the Guinness Amplify campaign, which nurtures upcoming Irish talent.

"I listened to 800 bands that takes a long time - I don't think they quite believed me," he said.

The 42-year-old (right)added that he got involved because a number of people would gain experience from it rather than just one band winning a competition outright.

He said his aim for the new role was to "speak to people in studio, talk to the artists and give them some of my experience".